Camera Monitoring

3109 Multi Camera 9" Kit

Includes Quad-input 9" Screen, 2x Cameras & 2x 10m Extension Cables

    $699 +GST

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The 9" Multi Camera Monitoring System provides helps you monitor exactly what's happening around you.

Gaining better control and peace of mind that the bin behind you is full, the chain drive is still turning and delivering fertiliser to the ground, or the riddle on your header is not overloaded, will improve the efficiency of your farming operation.

The Multi Camera robustness and ability to endure harsh weather conditions makes it an essential part of any farming operation.

Easy to install and operate, the cameras have in-built infra-red LED’s allowing them to see in dark and dusty conditions.

Kit Includes:
  • 1x Colour 9” TFT LCD Screen
  • 4 camera inputs built into the wiring harness as standard
  • Split screen mode (4 ways)
  • 2x Colour cameras with infrared night vision sealed in a robust cast alloy housing
  • The camera has been tested for robustness
  • All connectors are weather proof
  • The system can be run on 12v or 24v
  • AutoScan function (1-4 Cameras)
  • 1x Remote control


  • Night vision colour "Bullet" cameras are available instead of, or in addition to, the standard rectangular cameras. A hole can be cut in the bin, tank, etc (holesaw included) to fit the bullet camera so that no moisture or air can get in
    • 3109 Multi Camera Kit 9 inch
    • $699 +GST